New Pre-Physician Assistant Website (commercial)

My name is David Payne PA-C and I’m currently the Academic Director for a PA school in the midwest. Along with a small group of other dedicated individuals, I’ve been working on an independent project over the last 9 months in which I’ve headed the development of a website to help facilitate the admissions and preparatory process for individuals interested in becoming PAs. We have developed a summary profile for each and every PA program in the country so that users may easily compare one program with another. Our hope is that our site will help streamline the PA program research process for prospective students and provide information for questions they may have about entrance requirements, tuition expenses, degrees awarded, program matriculation, etc. We hope that the information compiled in this site will be a useful tool for you as well as for the students that you work with. We are currently in a Beta launch and there are still several areas and features that we are working on to expand and develop the site further. Some of our future developments will be of particular interest to pre-health students still searching for what heath career they would like to pursue.

When viewing the site, we recommend the use of any browser other than Internet Explorer (e.g., Firefox, Safari, Chrome) as some problems exist due to Explorer’s limited technical capabilities.

Please feel free to peruse the website as much as you’d like, and share it with any students you feel might benefit from its contents.

The home page of our site is located at:

Oh, and don’t forget! If you would like to be kept informed about future site developments or receive an email newsletter please email us back and let us know, or you may register through the website.

We sincerely appreciate any feedback you can provide and thank you in advance for any effort you expend on our behalf.

David Payne PA-C
Website Founder and President