Alshifa/ReWA VolunteerOpportunities

We are starting a new health education program in connection with the Refugee Women’s Alliance (ReWA) and their Seniors Nutrition and Wellness Program. ReWA is “a non-profit, multi-ethnic organization that promotes inclusion, independence, personal leadership, and strong communities by providing refugee and immigrant women and their families with culturally and linguistically appropriate services. ReWA advocates for social justice, public policy changes, and equal access to services while respecting cultural values and the right to self-determination”. The Senior Nutrition and Wellness Program serve the Burmese, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Somali, and Vietnamese communities. We are looking for individuals that are passionate about underserved health, preventive health care, and expanding their idea of cultural competency.
What are we striving to do?
Through partnership with ReWA, we will create health education curriculum that bridges both educational and cultural gaps between many individuals in the immigrant community. This program aims to be a resource that provides knowledge, skills, and tools to improve the quality of each participant’s life and community. We will educate our student volunteers on issues facing the underserved immigrant community of the Seattle area and inspire a commitment to the responsibility of utilizing our education for the betterment of health in an underserved community.
What are the responsibilities of our volunteers?
1.Self-motivated and willing to both take a leadership role and cultivate the leadership skills of your fellow volunteers. 2.Teaching and preparing approximately one class a month (with our undergraduate volunteers) 3.Become a guide to the population you serve and your undergraduate volunteer fellows. 4.Attend an occasional meeting
This is a unique opportunity to both teach and learn from truly underserved populations who have had vastly different experiences from our own. You will have the opportunity to both learn creative ways to appropriately address the needs of this community and expand your knowledge about health systems and health justice.
We welcome all health science students and those interested in health science to participate!
For more information please contact us at alshifa.rewa.project. We will be in touch with you with additional information about the great program.
Our tentative site schedule: Thursdays: Ethiopian and Eritrean Community; Yesler Community Center: 11am-2pm Fridays: Somali Community; Tukwila ReWA site: 1:30-3pm. Vietnamese community; Rainier ReWA site: 12-2pm. Saturdays: Burmese Community; Tukwila site: 9:30-2:30pm.
Thank you so much for your interest!
Eden G-Sellassie Samira Farah Emma Stephens