Summer Program Announcement (Georgetown)

The Georgetown Summer Medical Institute (GSMI), a program of the Georgetown School of Medicine, will be offering medical school courses, seminars and workshops for premedical (rising juniors and seniors), post-bacc, graduate and medical students this summer. For undergraduate and post-bacc premedical students, this is a unique opportunity to experience the medical school environment, get to know medical school faculty, and get an in depth education in an actual medical school course. A flyer is attached to this email.
Our courses include:
– Gross Anatomy (with cadaveric dissection) – Medical Biochemistry – Medical Histology – Human Physiology
Students may enroll for one of the above courses only. In addition, students who want to learn more about the medical profession and the application process are encouraged to enroll for two seminar series:
– Physician and Society Seminars – Medical Admissions Workshops
This is the seventh year of this program. If you or your students have questions, you may address them to me ( or visit our website:
Thanks and best wishes,
Adam Myers
Director, Georgetown Summer Medical Institute Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies Georgetown University Medical Center Washington, DC 20057