A Day in the Life of Optometry Students

If you want to know about life as an optometrist, check this out!

One of the most common questions that students interested in optometry have is, "what’s it like at optometry school?" With that in mind, we set out last fall at the Illinois College of Optometry to answer that question.

You are invited to view ICO?s web series, ?A Day in the Life,? which just made its online debut last week. This 12 episode documentary style series takes viewers inside the life of a first-year ICO student. From move-in and the first exam through the rite of passage ceremony where first years receive their white clinic coats, you’ll only be left asking, what happens next!

The episodes are being released one at a time over the course of the next couple of weeks, and all of them will be housed on ICO?s website. Right now, the first five episodes are live for you to enjoy!

Teisha Johnson, M.S.
Director of Admissions/Marketing

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