2012 AACOMAS Launch & Application Tips (Osteopathic Medicine)

AACOMAS is pleased to announce that the *2012 AACOMAS Application *launched at noon, May 5, 2011.
Please read the following important tips and advice for the 2012 cycle:
1)2012 AACOMAS launched in the afternoon of May 5, 2011 – Eastern Time. URL: https://aacomas.aacom.org or http://www.aacom.org
2)Applicants may work on their AACOMAS application throughout the month of May. They will only be able to submit their 2012 AACOMAS application on/after June 1, 2011.
3)*/Note:/*All applicants applying in the 2012 cycle */must submit their most current Spring coursework transcript with posted grades/*. We will not begin to process applications until Spring grades are posted.
4)*/Updated for 2012:/* Applicants will be able to access a comprehensive *2012 AACOMAS Instructions Booklet* (/only 14 pages/) that will aid them in successfully completing their application. Advisors will also find this instruction publication useful when assisting applicants.
5) */New for 2012:/*/*Rollover Transcripts – Applicants that had paid and verified applications in the 2011 cycle, will not need to re-send prior transcripts. */
6) *Letters:*AACOMAS does not collect/process letters of recommendation. Letters are sent directly to the DO school with a supplemental. Applicants may apply to AACOMAS without a DO letter and receive one after their interview(s) to submit.
7)*/Note:/*//AACOMAS has changed the address to which applicants should send transcripts. _Please have transcripts sent to_:
1900 L Street, NW, Suite 603
Washington, DC 20036
Note that processing of transcripts sent to AACOMAS at its Chevy Chase, MD address will not be delayed; however, sending transcripts to the above address is preferred.
8)*Roll-over feature*: For past applicants that are re-applying in 2012, the roll-over feature will be available for their use.
9)For applicants students applying for Fall 2012 admission, we strongly recommend that they review the /*2012 Osteopathic Medical College Information Book*/**that includes descriptions of all of the osteopathic medical colleges, admissions criteria, minimum entrance requirements, supplementary application materials required, class size, application deadlines, and tuition.
URL link: http://www.aacom.org/resources/bookstore/cib/Pages/default.aspx
10)***Deadlines*vary amongst the Osteopathic Medical Colleges. *AACOMAS recommends applicants submit their completed, paid application during the summer and before December 1, 2011 for best consideration. The majority of the medical colleges have a February 1^st deadline.* Normal processing time is 3-6 weeks.
11)The on-line *AACOMAS Application Support Center* is an integrated part of the application system which we encourage applicants to use when they have questions or need to make updates on their application. Dedicated staff respond to applicants through this system and a written log is established.
12) MCAT scores must be released to AACOMAS through the THx system. Applicants must provide their MCAT/AAMC number (8-digits beginning with 1) in their AACOMAS application. Their AACOMAS application is then electronically matched to their score(s).
13)Applicants may submit their AACOMAS application without a set of MCAT scores. They simply indicate “Planned” in the MCAT section of their application.
14)*Personal Statement*: 4,500 characters (this includes spaces).
15)*GPA Calculations*: Math courses are included as a “Non-Science” in AACOMAS GPA calculations.
16)*Repeated Coursework*: The most recent repeated course grade is included in AACOMAS calculated GPAs — repeated courses are not averaged.
17)*Prerequisite Coursework:* Only grades of C or better are included in prerequisite verification.
18)Lastly, AACOMAS staff processed over 108,000 applications for more than 14,000 applicants in the 2011 cycle. Please encourage your applicants to read the instructions, be accurate, complete, and early, review their materials with you before they submit, and make sure that they “authorize release to their Advisor” so that you may view their progress in the *Advisor Information Center (AIC)* portal: http://aic.aacom.org/
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*201**2**Osteopathic Medical College Information Book Now Available *Includes descriptions of all of the osteopathic medical colleges, admissions criteria, minimum entrance requirements, supplementary application materials required, class size and enrollment, application deadlines, and tuition. _Get more info. https://netforum.avectra.com/eweb/Shopping/Shopping.aspx?Cart=0&Site=AACOM_