New AMCAS Resources – and Tips on Letters of Recommendation

Need some help with the AMCAS application? Please see AAMC’s new online resource below!

Also, there is often confusion about the letters of evaluation process. There are three things that are VERY IMPORTANT FOR UW students to know.

1) The University of Washington and many other large universities do not have a prehealth committee. Applicants to medical school, dental school, etc. apply using letters of recommendation from faculty and additional resources. This does not put these students at a disadvantage in the application process, it is just a different way of doing things, and is common for large schools.

2) The letters of recommendation must be submitted to schools through the AMCAS primary application service – HOWEVER – they are a part of the secondary application process. If you have your primary application complete (of course you should not submit until Spring grades post), but you are waiting on a letter or two – SUBMIT! You will be able to add in your letters later. I promise.

3) Most students use the Letters of Evaluation Online ( LEO) service in the Career Center or Interfolio to manage their letters. Why? Because these services will hold your letters until you need them, and will retain them after the application year. The applicant should never manage the letters his/herself, that invalidates them. When you enter your letters into AMCAS, you should enter them as “Individual Letters of Recommendation” NOT AS A LETTERS PACKET. Why? Because if you enter them as a packet, you will not be able to choose which letters you would like to send to particular schools.

It’s a little confusing when you read the instructions (which I trust you are all doing), so I hope this clears some common confusion up!

Enjoy the sunshine!