Alshifa Auction and Volunteer Opportunities

I am proud to invite you to our annual auction for our non profit organization called Alshifa from the University of Washington. My name is Gloria Flores and I am an undergrad at the University of Washington and I have been working with this organization for over a year and my experience has been incredible. Next year I will be sharing an undergrad directer position with one of my colleagues, Noemi Correa. Alshifa is an organization whose mission is to provide basic health care services to the under-served with the help of undergrads, medical students. and doctors. Currently, we are working with Casa Latina, a workers resource center for immigrants, and we come every second and last Saturday of the month and set up a screen and referral clinic. The undergrads perform blood pressure, glucose, and are currently working on calculating BMI’s and if the patient has further health concerns they are able to talk to the medical students and doctor. Then they will them be referred somewhere that is relatively affordable and accessible to them. The work that Alshifa does at Casa Latina is very crucial since we are targeting a population of people that do not have health insurance and are many times afraid to go to the doctor because of costs and language barriers and we provide them with support in order for them to be able to get access to the care that they need. Also, the population that we are working with is at high risk for diabetes and high cholesterol and by checking their blood pressure and glucose levels we are able to screen for these health issues. In addition, Alshifa runs a health education program that comes to casa Latina to educate the workers of important health concerns and they also help with another program called Urban rest Stop.
This auction will help fund our current projects as well as our new upcoming projects. The auction is on Tuesday May 31 at 630 pm at the Burke Museum and student tickets are 20$ and can be purchased online ( There will be a great dinner and an MCAT course will be auctioned off as well. In addition, if you are interested in helping with our organization I encourage anyone to attend or to send me an email since we are accepting applications for this summer.Again please feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding Alshifa or the auction.
Thank you for your time,
Gloria Flores
University of Washington
Medical Anthropology Major
Senior, Undergraduate Student
Undergraduate Director Al Shifa, UW Chapter