Homelessness Advocacy Workshop

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for our Fun, FREE, Hands-on Workshop
http://www.homelessinfo.org/one_night_count/beyond_the_one_night_count.php Homelessness Advocacy 101!
Saturday, June 4th 10.00 a.m. to noon in Seattle
What are the TOP 3 things YOU need to know
to be an effective advocate for people who are homeless RIGHT NOW?
Learn, practice, and take action.
Make the One Night Count matter 365 nights and days a year! Go “Beyond the One Night Count” with SKCCH.
Hundreds of people take part in the One Night Count each year, and they never forget the experience. Afterwards, many volunteers have a powerful desire to take the next step, to be part of making sure that our communities have enough housing and the right kinds of supportive services for people who are homeless.
Through our “Beyond the One Night Count” workshops, we show regular people how to be part of ending homelessness. We take you through “Advocacy 101,” a FUN training with the incomparable pro-democracy cheerleader Nancy Amidei, and present simple actions and sample messages, along with policy highlights. You will leave informed and inspired.
Location: Keystone Church, 5019 Place North, Seattle, WA 98103.
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