Shadowing Opportunity with I Am Scribe

“I Am Scribe” is an organization that provides scribes for physicians. In the Puget Sound area, they have opportunities for students at St. Claire and St. Joseph hospitals in Tacoma. A description of the job (copied from their website) follows. Great opportunity to see physician-patient interaction up close!
“Scribes provide real-time charting for physicians by shadowing them throughout their shifts and performing a variety of tasks including recording patients’ history and chief complaints, transcribing the physical exam, ordering x-rays, recording diagnostic test results, and preparing plans for follow-up care. Each shift, you will be assigned to a doctor or physician assistant and work side-by-side with them as they see patients. This means you will be in the room during each evaluation, documenting directly from the conversation between the doctor and patient.”
For more information, check out the website: