Official Launch –!

"Becoming a Supporter Level member has offered me many opportunities to communicate with PA-Cs. They offer a wealth of knowledge through articles and open chats, and information that only someone who has been through the process can offer." Denise Roadman P-PA

"The ‘perfect fit’ search function has drastically eliminated dead-end searches and made it easy to apply to the right schools for me. The profiles for each school are one-stop shops for prerequisites, admission deadlines, even cost of living. This is the Swiss Army knife of P.A. school info!" Micah Clement P-PA

My name is David Payne PA-C. I recently moved from my position as Academic Director for the University of Wisconsin Physician Assistant Program to Founding Director for a new program being established at the University of Charleston in Charleston, WV. I’m thrilled to share the official launch of! Before you forget, please mark and/or save this email for future reference 🙂

For nearly two years now, my team has been working diligently to create an exceptionally useful website to facilitate the entire Physician Assistant Education process, from those who are interested in just learning more about the profession, to those who are currently PA students, to the most seasoned PA Program faculty members.

Although there’s much more than I can include in a short email, I would like to briefly share a few aspects of our website that will be especially useful for Health Professions Advisors and Prospective PA Students.

I will also mention up front that the great majority of our content and features are FREE! For those who are interested in the paid features, which are touched on towards the end of this email, we are offering a discounted subscription rate (coupon code included at the end of this email) as a special for our official launch.

Some of Our Great Features

PA Program Profiles – These are easy to navigate by region and state, and provide DETAILED summaries of every PA Program in the country, making it easy to compare pertinent details about each program (including things like cost of attendance, pre-reqs, application deadlines, cost of living of host city, etc). These are 100% free to view with site registration! Here’s just a small screenshot of part of the profile for Emory’s PA Program:

PhysicianAssistant ED Blog – Over a hundred posts to date authored by PA faculty, current students, and prospective students with exceptionally helpful information about the physician assistant profession and PA education. I’ll provide some links to a couple of series we’re in the midst of: Being a Physician Assistant (a 12 part series that delves deeper, designed to provide the reader with a true taste of what it’s like to be a Physician Assistant) and Strengthening Your Application (a 12 part series providing great ways to improve a prospective PA’s chances of landing a seat!). Again, these are 100% free to view!

Other popular content: Career Outlook and Physician Assistant Earnings pages.

We also have community features where prospective PA students can interact with other prospective PAs, current PA students, and PA faculty. Our website forums provide a great place to ask questions and we have several groups that have been established already (e.g., Admission Essay Critique group and Pre-PA EMTs and Paramedics group) and users can create their own groups for FREE! This might be a great option for a Health Professions Advisor who has created, wants to create, or advises a pre-PA organization, as these groups allow for calender sharing, document sharing, a links library, forums, and a mechanism whereby the creator of the group can email all group participants.

Although the great majority of our content is free, we do have a few features available through a paid subscription including two user interactive tools: Perfect Fit Search (a tool where students enter their specific criteria and they receive a list of programs that match this criteria) and True Cost to Attend Calculator (an interactive tool that helps students understand what it will really cost for them to attend various PA programs). Finally, we also have LIVE CHAT, where prospective students can interact with PA Faculty and other guest hosts in a live chat format to get all of their questions answered. I’ve included a small screenshot below but here’s a link to the transcripts of this actual live chat that took place a few weeks ago!