Education Transforming Community Health (ETCH)

Are you passionate about underserved health, issues of homelessness, preventive health care, or expanding the definition of health in our society? Are you someone who gets your kicks out of thinking creatively about teaching and promoting wellness with like-minded folks?
Well… Education Transforming Community Health (ETCH) is looking for someone just like you to join our team!
Who we are:
ETCH is an all-volunteer project run by health science students and community members that provides accessible and client-driven preventive health education programming, to homeless adults at the URBAN REST STOP and ADULT DAY CENTER in downtown Seattle.
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What we strive to do:
Through community partnerships, we will create health education curriculum that bridges evidence-based practice and the voices of the many homeless communities in Seattle. These partnerships aim to be a resource that provides knowledge, skills, and tools to improve the quality of each participant’s life and community. We commit to practice and promote mutual respect that actively challenges racism, classism, sexism, and heterosexism. We will educate our student volunteers on issues facing the urban underserved and inspire a lifelong commitment to social change.
We are looking for volunteers who:
1. Are self-motivated and willing to take on leadership
2. Can commit for at least 6 months, aiming to teach and prepare one class a month
3. Can attend at least one meeting a month
This is a unique opportunity to both teach and learn from a truly underserved population who, for the most part, has had a vastly different experience in the U.S. from our own. You will have the opportunity to both learn creative ways to appropriately address the needs of this community and expand your knowledge about health systems and health justice.
We welcome all health science students, those interested in health science, and community members to apply!
We will hold a detailed information session at the end of October, during the week of the 24th, 2011. Please email the Volunteer Coordinator at ( before October 22nd to RSVP. We will be in touch with you directly with more details!
Thank you so much for your interest!
Michelle Christopher
Connie Liu
ETCH Program Coordinators