Recruiting volunteers for ultrasound workshop

Note from Joyce Fagel, Shoreline CC Science Division Adviser: This was sent to UW students, but from the text I think it will be open to others who are interested also. For more info and/or signing up, please follow directions in the message.

Dear AMSA members,
I am a senior fellow in Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine at the University of Washington, and am organizing a course for Pulmonary faculty in using ultrasound in the intensive care unit (ICU). I believe that mastering these skills will improve care for our patients, and improve education for our medical students, residents, and fellows.
The courses will have a short didactic component, followed by hands-on work stations. I am writing to you because I am looking for volunteers to be “normal” subjects for the stations. Men only (difficult to maintain modesty for women with multiple learners). This would involve lying shirtless on a table for roughly 3 hours, allowing Pulmonary faculty physicians to perform ultrasound of your chest (lungs, pleura, and heart). Two volunteers will also be needed to look at the veins of the thigh. No needles/procedures/pain, no radiation exposure.
I am not able to offer any financial compensation. Benefits to you: 1. a free look at your heart, lungs, and blood vessels, 2. you are welcome to attend the didactic session prior to the workstations, 3. if you are interested, I will stay on after the course ends and teach you to perform ultrasound on each other, 4. you can list this activity on your CV/ resume/ graduate school applications, 5. my gratitude and that of the division.
No pressure. And no, I have absolutely no pull with people who control medical school admissions!
The dates are:

Mon Dec 12, 1-5 pm, Harborview Medical Center

Fri Jan 13, 1-5 pm, University of Washington Medical Center

Fri Jan 20, 1-5 pm, Harborview Medical Center

Fri Feb 10, 1-5 pm, Harborview Medical Center
Let me know if you are interested. Thanks for considering!

Shailaja Hayden, MD

Fellow, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

University of Washington