The Science of Sleep

The Neurobiology Club presents to you “Neurobiology: Mind”; a series of faculty presentations and panel discussions focusing on reaching out to students who are interested in some of the so-called “emergent” properties of the brain such as consciousness, free-will, emotion and memory. We’re hoping to create an informal discussion format (including FREE snacks and coffee) where students from fields as diverse as philosophy, biology, engineering and computer science can ask knowledgeable faculty questions about the brain.
On Wednesday, January 18th at 6:30 PM in the Allen Auditorium we will feature Dr. Ralph Pascualy giving a talk titled “The Science of Sleep”. Further details are enclosed in the attached flier.
This event is hosted by the Neurobiology Club, a club run by undergraduate Neurobiology majors dedicated to encouraging the community at large to get excited about neuroscience! For more information, visit our website: nbioclub