Center for Equity & Engagement, Fall Activities

Our Center houses the Women’s Center, Multicultural Center and Center for Service Learning, promotes equal access and retention support services for women, students of color and other traditionally underrepresented student groups. The Center is a place for students to Get Resources, Get Connect and Get Involved! We are located in the PUB, Room 9302.

Attached is a current snapshot of upcoming fall quarter activities sponsored through our Center. We hope you will share these out of classroom opportunities with students. Programs included are:

– Oct 8: Wanted? MLK Day of Service Food Drive Team Leaders

– Oct 11: National Coming Out Day

– Oct 15: Clothesline Project – Fighting Domestic Violence

– Oct 31: Smith and Mount Holyoke – Women’s College Visit

– Nov 5, 19: Callista Kennedy from People Point – reduced cost childcare, utilities, food and health care resources

– Nov 8: Native Vision – By Living Voices Actor Lily Gladstone Please visit!

Students who visit our Center bring with them unique interests, different challenges and obstacles. Some are just beginning to navigate Shoreline and are seeking advice and resources; others are long standing students who visit as part of their daily routine. Students come to study, discuss financial concerns, inquire about college procedures, find domestic violence resources, voice opinions, share relationship concerns and talk about future plans. Students also visit to learn more about service learning and volunteer opportunities.

We look forward to connecting with many students, in the weeks ahead!

Lynette Peters

Program Manager, Women’s Center

Center for Equity & Engagement

PUB 9302

(206) 546-4715


Shoreline Community College

16101 Greenwood Ave. N.

Shoreline, WA 98133