2013 AAMC Fee Assistance Program Available Now

We’re pleased to announce that the 2013 AAMC Fee Assistance Program has opened and is now accepting applications. Applicants with financial need who will be registering for an MCAT exam or applying through AMCAS during the 2013 calendar year are encouraged to apply. To ensure a timely eligibility decision, please encourage them to apply for fee assistance well before the date they plan to register for a testing date or submit the AMCAS application.

We’ve added another great benefit for award recipients this year: an authorization code for access to The Official MCAT Self-Assessment Package® (valued at $104). All of the MCAT, MSAR, and AMCAS benefits are detailed on the Fee Assistance Program website: https://www.aamc.org/students/applying/fap/benefits/.

In addition, we’ve deployed a technical enhancement to the application, which now allows applicants to upload required supporting financial documentation directly to their application.

Applicants can begin the application at www.aamc.org/fap.

If you have questions, please contact an Advisor Relations Specialist at 202-828-0950 or visit www.aamc.org/contactamcas.

Best wishes for a productive spring semester!

Fee Assistance Program Staff