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Unsure of how to best spend your precious study hours? Start with The Official MCAT® Self-Assessment Package to analyze your MCAT knowledge.

· Answer hundreds of real MCAT questions not seen on any current MCAT prep materials

· Receive feedback on your strengths and weaknesses in ALL MCAT content.

· Use the results to plan your study time to focus on your weak areas to prepare in the most efficient manner.

· Review the questions and solutions to learn from your mistakes

· Learn more about the product by viewing the tutorials on

· Purchase as a bundle or an individual self-assessment

Self AssesstmentThe Official MCAT® Self-Assessment Package includes:

· Physical Sciences Self-Assessment: 213 questions–$45 Physics and General Chemistry Tests

· Biological Sciences Self-Assessment: 208 questions–$45 Biology and Organic Chemistry Tests

· Verbal Reasoning Self-Assessment: 120 questions–$40 Verbal Reasoning Test

20% discount on the self-assessment package bundle:

· Purchase all 3-self-assessments for the bundle price of $104

Purchase with other AAMC MCAT prep products to save more:

· The Official MCAT ®Self-Assessment Package + Practice Test 4–$125

· The Official MCAT® Self-Assessment Package + Practice Test 4 + The Official Guide to the MCAT® Exam–$145.

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