Health Studies major at UW Bothell still taking applications for Fall 2013

U of Washington at Bothell is starting a new major in Health Studies. The program is currently recruiting applications.

Be Part of a New Generation of Leadership in Public Health

UW Bothell’s B.A. in Health Studies major creates the opportunity to work with our committed faculty on developing knowledge and skills useful for improving health practices.

As part of our program, you will study and apply a range of health concepts. Examples include exploring the social and biological predictors of health, conducting policy

analyses, applying health education and community engagement strategies, using social justice critiques, understanding global health perspectives, and evaluating health-related research. You will also have opportunities to use these skills during internships and study abroad experiences.

With the training provided in this program and a predicted need for a larger public health workforce, students graduating from this program will be well-positioned for careers that help ensure all people receive excellent health services.

If you want to be an effective advocate for people’s health and well-being, we will work with you to develop the skills you need!

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