AADSAS 2014 webchat on Sat June 1

The Office of Admissions at Case School of Dental Medicine is hosting its
Countdown to AADSAS 2014 webchat for all prospective applicants. Ask your
questions about "what happens next" in the AADSAS process, and we hope this
session will help address your anxieties about the mysteriousness of how
schools select students for interviews.
The webchat is scheduled online for 5:00 pm Eastern Time on Saturday, June
1, 2013. We ask that individuals with webcameras try to log in at least 15
minutes before to account for technical check-in. This session is intended
to last at least until 7:00 pm ET, but we can remain until all questions are
presented and answered. The weblink will be posted on our Facebook and
Twitter feeds (and on this forum) in late May.
If you are joining us via webcam, please have earbuds with microphones ready
to reduce ambient noise or echo in the communication. A regular chatroom is
also available for those without webcameras or those who are more restricted
in bandwidth, but note that those who are on camera will likely receive more
attention unless you type in questions in the chatroom.
To prepare for this webchat, it is expected that attendees have reviewed all
available videos and presentations posted on the ADEA GoDental site,
including recent presentations from the 2013 Dental School Virtual Fair. It
is expected that for questions specifically pertaining to Case School of
Dental Medicine that you have thoroughly reviewed the materials left on our
Virtual Fair booth and on our website. We also welcome advisors and future
applicants to this session.
Please note that the webchat will be recorded for program assessment,
research, and convenience to those unable to make this session. Please note
that due to our bandwidth restrictions, we may wind up limiting individuals
who will be on camera. The server can handle no more than 200-250 people
online at once in our room.