China California Heart Watch Internship Programs

*China California Heart Watch is a non-for-profit public charity whose mission includes medical research, teaching and clinical care in rural Yunnan Province, China. We are seeking students, particularly those interested in future careers in medicine, public health or related fields to participate in one of several internships this year. Our internships afford students first-hand experience of medical problems—particularly cardiovascular problems—and care in the impoverished communities of Yunnan Province.* *OBJECTIVE:* /The objective of this internship program is to create awareness of the problems of healthcare in rural China and to guide students toward a career in medicine/public health focused on the underserved in developing countries./ *STUDENTS:* /Each of our seven internships is open to 10-25 students. Prospective interns will be interviewed to determine suitability. Applicants must express an interest in pursuing a career involving health or health-related care in underserved populations. Knowledge of Mandarin is desirable, but is not a selection criteria./ *PROGRAMS:* /There will be seven internship programs this year. Students will arrive in Dali to undergo three days of intense training and certification, and then travel to surrounding areas to begin clinics amidst the pristine, mountainous landscapes of Yunnan. Students will take part in a screening and treatment of high blood pressure and heart disease program for adults and school children living in rural townships. Participants will travel and work with faculty from Kunming and Dali Universities. Students will also have the opportunity to help conduct a clinical research program while staying in villages in Yunnan./ *For more information about our programs, please visit our website at vinh. A brochure for our program can be found at* *APPLY HERE! >>>*