PTCAS Updates for the 2013-14 Cycle

RE: Updates for the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service (PTCAS)


The new PTCAS instructions, program pages, PowerPoint slides, and summary tables for the upcoming 2013-14 admissions cycle are now available online at The revised Course Prerequisite Summary and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages will be available on the site by mid-June. The 2013-14 PTCAS application will open to applicants by close of business on July 2.


Many PT programs have new “PTCAS GRE codes” this year. A “PTCAS GRE code” is unique to the PT program and differs from the university’s main GRE code for other graduate programs. Applicants must arrange for the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to send their official GRE scores to the correct code for each selected PT program. There is no single GRE code for PTCAS. To view the instructions and list of codes, go to


PTCAS is pleased to welcome 6 new PT programs for the 2013-14 cycle. There will be a total of 166 programs in PTCAS out of 220 eligible PT program with accredited or candidate status. For a complete list of programs, visit the PTCAS directory at

· Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

· Marquette University

· Springfield College

· University of Dayton

· University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

· Western Kentucky University


PTCAS will introduce a new Smartphone compatible portal for applicants this summer, known as PTCAS Mobile. Applicants with iPhones and Androids will be able to use the mobile-friendly interface the check the status of their PTCAS application materials while on the go.

Preliminary 2012-13 Applicant Data

Below is preliminary applicant data for the 2012-13 (previous) cycle. Final reports for the cycle may differ and will be available to advisors by November 2013.

Cycle # of PTCAS Programs Total # of PTCAS Applications % Change in Applications Total # of PTCAS Applicants % Change in Applicants Applications to Applicant Ratio
2008-09 72 24,293 6,112 4.0
2009-10 107 40,566 67.0% 9,297 52.1% 4.4
2010-11 128 56,859 40.2% 11,604 24.8% 4.9
2011-12 146 73,917 30.0% 13,462 16.0% 5.5
2012-13 * 160 87,192 18.0% 15,614 16.0% 5.6
2013-14 166

* Reflects preliminary data for the 2012-13 admissions cycle. Final data in the November 2013 reports may differ slightly.


On behalf of APTA and PTCAS, we thank NAAHP for its support and look forward to another successful admissions cycle!