New Naturopathic Licensure in Colorado

The AANMC is enthralled to announce a new state added to the list of 
states that license and recognize naturopathic physicians!
Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper paved the way for naturopathic 
doctors (NDs) to become an essential part of the state health care 
system by approving a measure requiring naturopathic doctors to obtain a 
license to practice medicine. The bill, which goes into law in January 
of 2014, will make Colorado the 17th state to require licensure for NDs.
We were already planning a prospective student forum in conjunction 
with our annual conference in Keystone, Colorado on July 13, 2013. Now 
there is even more reason for celebration.
Please feel free to join us or send interested students.
In health,
Dr. Jo
JoAnn L. Yanez, ND, MPH
Executive Director
Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges