UW Global Health Career Week! March 3-8, 2014

If you are interested in careers global health, please mark your calendars for our annual week-long Global Health Career Week that includes a number of great informational and networking events as well as a 4-hour career resource fair. Global Health Career Week begins Monday, March 3 and ends on Saturday, March 8, 2014. Website: http://globalhealth.washington.edu/global-health-career-week-2014.

Thanks! Jennifer Jennifer Lucero-Earle Assistant Director, Global Health Resource Center (GHRC) Program Manager of Global Health Pathway, Global Health Clinical Elective and Co-adviser for the Global Health Minor Main Office: Mary Gates Hall, Room 274-A, Box 357965 Phone: 206.685.7418 | Fax: 206.685.8519 Email: jearle<jearle%20> | Skype: jearle_ghrc