GRE Preparation Course at UW

An opportunity that may interest students who are preparing to apply for Grad School. The University of Washington Women’s Center offers a GRE Preparation Course and also Basic Math Refresher Course regularly throughout the year. Our classes are small, reasonably priced, and very helpful in lessening the anxiety that many students feel as they approach the GRE test. We have received very positive feedback from the students who have taken this course. The GRE Prep & Basic Math Refresher Course are each four sessions, each session lasting 3 hours and offers the following benefits to the participants: > Increased confidence in their ability to succeed on the GRE Test > Thorough preparation for the content of the GRE > Strategies for the test day & practice using them beforehand > Practice tests > A small classroom setting with personal attention given to each student > An experienced instructor, Renee Agatsuma has a proven track record of success of over 8 years of elementary, middle, high school and college-level mathematics instruction. She has also been teaching and tutoring students test prep (SAT, ACT, IB, AP, Math Olympiad) in the hopes that students can achieve their dreams and along the way find math enjoyable as a subject! Please post the attached flyers with the information on our GRE Prep & Basic Math Refresher course. Additionally, please share these flyers or this information with any of your students, faculty & community who may benefit or know someone who may benefit from additional preparation for this important test. I would also encourage you to post this information on your website or electronic newsletters. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Leonor Soliz Lifelong Learning Program Coordinator Women’s Center, Cunningham Hall University Of Washington Box 353070 Seattle, WA 98195-3070, 206-685-1090 GRE-Prep-and-Basic-Math-Refresher-Flyer-Spring-2014-revised.pdf