U o Oregon MCAT Prep reminder – starts June 23

UO MCAT Prep The summer 2014 workshop begins June 23! The sessions are taught live in Eugene and via video conference in Portland. Streaming and video on demand offer additional options for location, schedule and learning style. INSTRUCTORS The University’s MCAT Preparation Workshop is conducted by faculty members and testing experts who teach biology, general and organic chemistry, physics, and verbal reasoning material specifically tailored for the MCAT. All instructors focus on helping students perform to their best abilities on the MCAT. WORKSHOP MATERIALS include comprehensive review books and AAMC full-length practice tests. In addition, participants have access to course videos and other materials that supplement in-class instruction.

SUMMER 2014-Cost: $650 Weeks 1-4, beginning June 23 MWF, 1:00-4:00pm

Priority Deadline: June 9 Register before the priority deadline to allow adequate time for material order and shipping. Registration forms and contact information are available on our website http://mcat.uoregon.edu or contact TLC at 541-346-3226 for more information. Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) 1213 University of Oregon, 68 PLC Eugene OR 97403