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The AAMC strongly believes that the cost of applying to medical school should not be a financial barrier to individuals who are interested in becoming physicians. We want to ensure that the AAMC’s Fee Assistance Program (FAP) offers support to those who need it most, and that the benefits truly ease the financial burden of applying to medical school.

After completing a thorough evaluation of FAP in 2012, the AAMC is making updates to better assist those awarded fee assistance, to make the application easier to understand, and to continue to improve the integrity of the program. In January 2015, the AAMC will debut an updated Fee Assistance Program.

Starting in 2015, FAP awardees will be able to use their award for up to two years. This change will, for example, allow an awardee to make use of the MCAT benefits the first year, and apply to medical school through AMCAS during the second year—without having to reapply to FAP. Benefits will expire on December 31, the year after they are awarded.

If an application is approved Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2015, benefits expire Dec. 31, 2016

If an application is approved Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2016, benefits expire Dec. 31, 2017

If an application is approved Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2017, benefits expire Dec. 31, 2018

Note: FAP 2015 Awardees who exhaust their AMCAS or MCAT benefits prior to the end of 2016 may apply for FAP again in 2016 in order to retake the exam or reapply with AMCAS. An individual is still eligible for up to five FAP awards.

2015 AAMC Fee Assistance Program Benefits:

[Exact details on MCAT registration fees and the number of medical school designations to be waived by AMCAS will be available at in December
2014. At this time the AAMC does not anticipate that the benefits package will change from the 2014 FAP cycle.]

· Reduction in the MCAT registration and rescheduling fees

· AMCAS application fee waiver

· Free MCAT test preparation materials

o The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam (MCAT2015), fourth edition (e-book) and Online Practice Questions

o Official MCAT2015 Sample Test (online access)

o Official MCAT Practice Questions (online access, available spring 2015)

· Complimentary access to the Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) database

· Eligibility to apply for fee assistance for an updated psychoeducational or medical evaluation required to apply for accommodations during MCAT testing

· Reduced subscription fee to the Pivio electronic portfolio service

Some eligibility requirements will change as well. Beginning in 2015, applicants will need to include financial information for all living parents. The Fee Assistance Program, unlike some federally funded programs, does not draw distinction based on the applicant’s dependent or independent status for tax purposes, and therefore, parent financial information and supporting tax documentation are required. Applicants who are unable to provide financial information for a living parent should contact AAMC Services at fap for assistance with their FAP application.

Details regarding the new program will be made available on AAMC’s FAP website ( in December 2014. We wanted to make sure you have the information in advance.

If you have questions, please contact our Advisor Relations staff at advisors or 202-828-0950. If your students have questions about FAP, please direct them to AAMC Services at fap or 202-828-0600.

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