ADEA GoDental Newsletter: Don’t Get Spooked by the Application Process

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ADEA GoDental Newsletter:
Don’t get spooked by the application process

Challenges ahead

Keep the stress of applying to dental school in perspective.
Congratulations! You’ve made the decision that dentistry is the health career for you. Now it is time to start the somewhat daunting task of applying to dental school. The process can sometimes seem like you are a contestant on American Ninja Warrior—not only facing the obstacle course that is the application process, but also dealing with the competition of other applicants. The truth is, the application process can be very stressful, but you must keep that stress in perspective if you want to succeed. Use the stress as a motivational tool rather than allowing it to hamper your efforts. Here are some obstacles you might encounter during the application process and advice on how to deal with them.

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The cost of dental school interviews: Be sure to plan ahead

The cost of applying to dental school includes more than just the application and DAT fees. When applying, it is important to consider the initial costs as well as traveling expenses that you will incur if you are invited to an interview. Having a strategy for these expenses is key to keeping the cost down. So, what should that strategy look like?

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Don’t be afraid to break the mold: Nobody wants to interview a cookie-cutter candidate

Read Dr. Chaviano-Moran’s candid advice for your dental school interview and why it’s important to be yourself.

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Applying to dental hygiene programs just got easier!

ADEA recently introduced a new ADEA DHCAS platform. If you are interested in pursuing a career as a dental hygienist, be sure to check out all of the new features for this improved applicant portal.

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Kid in dentist chair
Practitioner Profile: Being a dental hygienist isn’t just about cleaning teeth

Dental hygienist Floyd Butz talks about his profession and how he has embraced his role as full-time educator.

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Secrets to Success
Are you a nontraditional applicant? See if the application process might be different for you.

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Prepare for your dental school interview with these helpful tips.

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Want to be a dental hygienist? Check out these tips to apply to dental hygiene programs!

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