New AAMC publication for pre-health advisors and their students

The AAMC’s FIRST for Medical Education program is pleased to announce the new publication, “Paying for Medical School: Helpful Tips”, that will provide you and your students with information for financing medical school.

The card covers the following topics:

1. Know Your Financing Options

2. When You Borrow, Borrow Smart

3. Pay the Interest on Unsubsidized Loans Prior to Capitalization

4. Know the Facts About PLUS Loans

5. Be Proactive with Debt Management

6. Develop a Spending Plan (Also Known as a “Budget”)

7. Check Your Credit Report

8. Protect (and Improve) Your Credit Score During Medical School

9. Know Your Options During Residency

10. Explore Forgiveness and Repayment Programs

The card also includes useful websites where students may obtain additional information about financial aid, financial literacy skills, student loan debt management and loan forgiveness options. The new card, is available for download from the FIRST for Advisors webpage.

If you would like to order the tips card and/or FIRST bookmarks, please visit the AAMC Publication’s webpage.

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