New MCAT Test Preparation Products Now Available

November 11, 2015

Dear Advisors,

We are happy to announce that new MCAT test preparation products from the AAMC are now available to help students prepare for the exam.

Written by the developers of the exam, these official products include the first full-length practice exam with scoring and a Section Bank of 300 practice questions emphasizing biochemistry, psychology, and sociology. More information on the products is below.

Official MCAT® Practice Exam (Scored) 1
The practice exam is the first official full-length exam that offers scaled scoring information for the new exam. It is a 230-question practice exam that mirrors the actual MCAT exam in both length and functionality. ($35)

Official MCAT® Section Bank
The Section Bank delivers 300 all-new practice questions written by the test developers in three sections (natural, behavioral, and social sciences) with an emphasis on biochemistry, psychology, and sociology. ($45)

Don’t forget to check out a new interactive demo tool, which allows students to practice with the exam features, including highlighting, striking out features, and using the mark question button.

Advisors receive a 30% percent discount on test preparation products. To receive the discount, call AAMC Publications at 202-828-0416 when you place your order.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at advisors or 202-828-0950.

Kind Regards,
The MCAT Team

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