new edition Medical School Admission Requirements

Choose Which Medical Schools to Apply to with Accurate Data on Medical School Admission Requirements
The AAMC has just released the completely updated Medical School Admission Requirements for U.S. and Canadian Medical Schools online resource.
This website is the only comprehensive resource for accurate data on medical schools and B.S./M.D. programs, in fact, it’s the only resource with new MCAT® score data.
Your one-year subscription gives you access to the most up-to-date data on 210 individual medical schools and programs in the U.S. and Canada, including:

  • Mission statement
  • National and applicant MCAT score data and GPA data
  • Selection factors, including relevant medical, volunteer, and/or research experience
  • Required and recommended premed coursework
  • Comprehensive information on first-year students, such as ethnicity, gender, age, and geographic region
  • Tuition and financial aid information
  • Overview of research opportunities
  • Information about diversity programs
  • Application procedures and deadlines
  • And much more
With your subscription you’ll be able to:

  • Search schools by name, location, class size, type of program, and more
  • Select schools for comparison in one chart, comparing key factors such as enrollment, tuition, MCAT range, GPA range, and primary application filing date
  • Update a list of your pre-med courses for a quick view of which required or recommended coursework you have fulfilled under each school
  • Add calendar reminders to your Google or Outlook calendar for primary and secondary application dates so you don’t miss deadlines at the schools you are interested in
  • Write and save notes about each school, and select favorites, to easily return to later.
This website is developed by the AAMC, which also administers the MCAT exam and runs the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS), so you can be assured that you are getting the most accurate data.
Click the link below to learn more about Medical School Admission Requirements, see a preview, and order today!

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