Fall and winter class: Biol 150 Epidemics and Culture

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Epidemics & Culture

BIOL 150

Fall & Winter Quarters

Recent Zika virus, measles and ebola epidemics remind us that infectious diseases can have a tremendous influence on many aspects of culture (art, literature, economics, religion, ….)

Cultural practices, such as large gatherings or burial rituals, also influence spread of disease. Students in "Epidemics and Culture" study those interactions, comparing modern epidemics such as the recent Zika virus outbreak, with historical epidemics such as plague, influenza and polio.

What Former Students Say:

· “I have taken many online classes and this has been one of the best in organization, participation and content available.”

· “I like the discussions and the subject, especially with ebola in the news right now. … I feel like I’m lucky to learn about this topic during a time when it’s so relevant.“

· “The professor is very attentive to what students need in order to succeed.”

· “The assignments are both educational and fun.”

· “The discussions so far have been lively and educational.”

“I like how the instructor is available and willing to help when I need it. “

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