Are you interested in medicine and wish you had a current medical student to talk to?

Alliance For Equal Representation of Medicine(AFERM) is dedicated to supporting underrepresented, minority pre-medical students as they pursue their education. As part of that mission, we encourage you to apply to our Mentorship Program. This program provides encouragement and support to future students through relationships with current University of Washington School of Medicine medical students.

“The journey through college and then on to medical school is long and extremely difficult for even the best students. By having a medical mentor, the future healthcare professional can have a sounding board for all of the potential difficulties and choices that one might encounter along the road to becoming a practicing physician” – GapMedics

All pre-health students are encouraged to apply. However, pre-medical students of African American, Native American, Hispanic/Latino American, Hmong, or another minority heritage are strongly encouraged to participate. Students of sophomore standing and above, as well as those who have graduated, will be given preference.


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