AAMC Virtual Medical School Fair on Feb 16: Register Today

2017 AAMC Virtual Medical Fair to connect with admissions officers from 48 medical schools.

2017 AAMC Virtual Medical School Career Fair
Registration Reminder
Register now for 2017 AAMC Virtual Medical Fair to connect with admissions officers from 48 medical schools. Registration is free.
Why you should attend:
  • Last year, a northeast medical school reported inviting two attendees to interview during the fair after chatting with them and learning additional information.
  • Many attendees noted that they were considering applying to additional schools based on their interactions at last year’s fair.
This Thursday, stop by the fair for a few hours or a few minutes.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the AAMC Virtual Medical School Fair?
It is a virtual event organized by the AAMC to connect interested students with 48 medical schools across the country. At the fair, students can learn about participating schools and chat with admissions professionals.
How can I attend?
To attend, register prior to the event by visiting: aamcvirtualevents.org. Once the fair opens at 12:00 PM ET on Thursday, stop by the fair and use your registered email address to log in. You can stop by any time, visit multiple time and stay for as long or as little as you wish.
How does a virtual fair work?
Virtual fairs are modeled on traditional, in-person fairs but are designed to eliminate the expense and hassle of travel. Each participating medical institution has a customized booth with information for attendees. Attendees can browse the booth and decide whether to speak with a representative of the school (via chat).
How much does registration cost? What is the registration deadline?
Registration is free and attendance is free for students. You can register at any time before or during the fair by visiting: aamcvirtualevents.org.
If registration is free and open, why should I register in advance?
Advance registration enables participating institutions can schedule the correct number of admissions staff at their booths. Last year, thousands of students registered at the last minute which created support challenges.
AAMC Virtual Career Fair