7 free recorded webinars on Naturopathic Medicine by AANMC

In case you missed our most popular webinars, catch up now.


7 Not-to-Miss Webinars from 2017
Our 2017 webinar series covered everything from career advice to naturopathic pain management. In case you missed an episode, catch up on the highlights now. These are 7 not-to-miss webinars from 2017.
Make the Dream a Reality:

How to Become a Naturopathic Doctor

Looking for a career that’s not just a job, but a passion and a calling? Do you have questions about affording ND school, how to apply, how others have made it work?

Alison Scott Dean, Director of Admissions and Recruitment at Bastyr University, and Mark Williams, Dean of Student Services at the Boucher Institute, explained how to make your dream a reality.

Watch the Webinar
Watch the Webinar
Naturopathic Medicine 101
Naturopathic medicine is a field where the rigors of modern science meet the healing power of nature. Want to learn what NDs do?

Dr. JoAnn Yanez gave an introductory course on the foundations of naturopathic practice, how to become an ND, and how NDs help patients harness their innate power to heal themselves.

Changing Careers:

It’s Never Too Late to Follow Your Passion

No matter what age or stage of life you may be in, it’s never too late to follow your passion and become a naturopathic doctor.

Dr. Dennis Godby shared his life journey and how he followed his heart and passion to become a successful naturopathic physician and advocate for natural medicine.

Watch the Webinar
Watch the Webinar
Preventing and Treating Diabetes with Naturopathic Medicine
Each year, 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes, according to the American Diabetes Association. Across the country, 29.1 million people have the disease.

Dr. Ellen Wong discussed naturopathic approaches to preventing and treating diabetes.

Stress is Not a Natural Part of of School: Manage Stress Naturopathically
The feeling of being stressed is a part of life. However, if that stress lasts for an extended period of time, it can be a risk to your health and negatively impact your performance in school.

Dr. Heidi Weinhold discussed naturopathic approaches to managing school stress.

Watch the Webinar
Watch the Webinar
Naturopathic Approaches to Anxiety and Depression
Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Fortunately, anxiety and depression are highly treatable.

Dr. Peter Bongiorno shared naturopathic approaches to anxiety and depression, including supplements, lab testing, medications, and more.

Got Pain?

We’ve Got Answers!

Pharmacological treatments are not the only answer to pain management.

Dr. Tyna Moore shared naturopathic approaches to keeping pain in check.

Watch the Webinar
Don’t Miss Our Next Webinar:

Hidden Things that Can Hurt Your Heart and Warp Your Metabolism

You’ll be surprised to learn how everyday habits and items can damage your body.

Join the AANMC and Dr. Fraser Smith to find out about about hidden things in your diet and environment that can change your metabolism and hurt your heart.

Feb. 15, 2 PM EDT – 3 PM EDT

Free webinar for anyone interested in learning about heart health.

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